CAIPD Meeting with Nav Canada, July 2013

CAIPD, in association with CBAA, met with NAV CANADA on the 10th of July, 2013. Some of the key outcomes of this meeting were:

  •  NAV CANADA does not design procedures. Most procedures are designed by its contractors: IDSNA and Jeppesen.
  • Jeppesen does Quallity Assurance (QA) for EDO’s and Nav Canada does QA for IDSNA.
  • Door is open to reduce QA level for EDO’s
  • CBAA stated that there was no intellectual property issue if the only data transferred to the contract QA agency was the Nav Canada submission form, or one of similar format.
  • Charles Montgomery says that the submission form (or one of similar format) is all that is required for procedure submission from now on.

The meeting minutes can be downloaded here: Meeting Minutes ­ July 10, 2013